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We are HUS.

No awkward formality or wondering whether you’re wearing the right shoes.

This is our HUS. An open HUS.

Get used to friendly merry making, to having that extra shot of coffee with your breakfast, with wondering why your lunch meetings are suddenly so bloody enjoyable. Get used to ordering that extra bottle of wine, for having one for the road, for socialising until the small hours, for getting to know each other better.

What the HUS?

Get used to wandering down to our basement and finding a secret supper club, art exhibition or undiscovered band playing. Get used to impromptu gigs, cold craft beer, to swapping books in our back library, with not going home when you are supposed to, because basically, you love our hus.

Opening Times

Monday - Thursday
8:30 - 22:00

8:30 - Late

09:00 - Late

10:00 - 18:00